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“Over the past year, John has been my go-to-guy for all of the renovations, upgrades, and repairs that went into our new home. In a word, he and his company Atlantic to Gulf Construction have been “OUTSTANDING” in finding smart, cost-efficient solutions. While my wife and I loved our new home when we found it, we wanted to personalize it and make some upgrades to the 24-year-old house. We were looking for numerous services – flooring upgrades, bathroom makeovers, pool makeover, landscaping, and plumbing – whatever we asked for, John and Atlantic to Gulf had ALL the right answers. If you need a general contractor, I can think of nobody better in the Tampa Bay area who will provide you with personalized service, honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction than John Lintz. He comes with my highest recommendation.” — Christopher, Palm Harbor Homeowner


“John is a hard working, honest, straightforward individual. He has an outstanding work ethic and a good head on his shoulders. Whether it is a small project or full development opening, John has the ability to be decisive and get things done. When it comes to controlling a project, getting things done on time and at the highest level, John excels and he is easy to work with. I happily recommend John to anyone who has the need for an organized, intelligent, professional.” — Jeff, Advertising Professional and Former Colleague


“His interpersonal skills allow John to excel in relationships with sub-contractors, suppliers, government inspectors, and (most importantly) his customers.  John’s abilities and work ethic allow him to deliver quality to very satisfied customers.  I highly recommend John — he is a hard-working, honest, and intelligent construction professional.”  —Tim, Veteran Real Estate Professional


“It is extremely important to have current and required licensing when dealing with the construction industry, and John exceeds all the required standards. He has a long-term track record of success and a customer would be lucky to have him oversee their project because someone like John is always in great demand. He is always kind and courteous and shows others the respect they deserve.” — Glenn, Former M/I Homes Executive








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